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Advantages of using KVM in public transport control rooms

Advantages of using KVM in public transport control rooms

All control applications share the same philosophy: to help people focus on the applications and processes of their jobs. Ergonomics is the primary goal: to have operators focus on their tasks. KVM technology improves operability by improving ergonomics and work time savings relating to a more efficient use of human resources.

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Silence & room climate

KVM technology allows dispatch operators to work in a comfortable environment with no background noise and heat, without sacrificing signal quality when bridging the distance.

Results will enable the operator to focus more closely on his work, rather than on the equipment affecting his work. Taking these steps results in a rich desktop experience ensuring higher productivity.

Flexibility & scalability

A KVM system evolves with today’s fast changing applications. Relocation or maintenance is made easier by the system. The number of resources needed is reduced as the resources can be shared. With room for expansion, the KVM system can also easily grow with your control room.

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Ease of use & service

Almost seemless switching and easy operation and configuration are key in today’s KVM systems. Because everything can be done through one central system, both operators & maintenance staff can work more efficiently.

Saving energy (Green IT)

KVM technology helps with green IT initiatives by reducing PC needs up to 75%. With fewer PCs for workstations, energy consumption can be reduced with 60 to 70%.

Cut costs

Increase efficiency in your public transport operation, and save money by reducing the number of keyboard, monitors, and mice you need and slashing the energy costs to cool your server rooms. Many of our solutions can be connected to existing wiring for seamless integration and no downtime.

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