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Metadata LiveLogging - rapid media distribution

Black Box inside supports fileCAST Media for new media tagging solution to increase sales from archived material

PITTSBURGH—Black Box Network Services, a leading technology solutions provider, announced today that fileCAST Media GmbH, the manufacturer of the new LiveLogging solution for it´s Online Media Library (OML) platform, is using Black Box technology to extend signals and connect to live production multi-feed environments. The purpose is to tag media content from multiple sources during a live event. This will enable content owners to offer valuable media assets in a searchable format in near real time.

“We are very happy that fileCAST has selected Black Box technology to develop this impressive new solution for content generators and owners. Black Box inside is a program to foster collaboration in the industry to advance technical solutions and to enable creative business models.” notes Tom Strade, Vice President of Technology & Innovation at Black Box. The fileCAST solution uses Black Box 4K60 extenders enabling quick setup at location. As a result, fileCAST´s OML technology does not have to be in close proximity to the signal sources. Secure connections protect the content.

Thomas Strobl, Managing Director of filecast adds: “The Black Box inside partnership helped fileCAST to reduce development time and allowed us to focus on the core application. We wanted to enable content generators and owners to more effectively use the many hours of great material produced at various live events, mostly sports. The tagging process is done in real time and the material is then archived with this additional metadata. This improves the search options and subsequently the use and exploitation of content.” All sports events are covered by a large number of cameras focusing on specific tasks like following a particular player or covering a specific part of a race track. This new solution helps content owners to identify key scenes faster and market the archived material more effectively.

About Black Box:

NAB stand no: SL10124

Black Box is a leading technology solutions provider dedicated to helping customers build, manage, optimise, and secure their IT infrastructure. Black Box delivers high-value products and services through its global presence and approximately 4,000 team members.

Black Box inside is a program open to anyone who intends to use Black Box technology to support complementary technical developments requiring signal extension and conversion.

Press contact: Black Box Deutschland GmbH
Daniel Prax, telephone +49 811 5541 325, fax +49 811 5541 499
e-mail daniel.prax@blackbox.com, website: www.blackbox.de

About fileCAST GmbH:

NAB stand no: C8332

fileCAST is a German manufacturer of intelligent logging, tagging and archiving solutions for the distribution and online use of high value media content. The fileCAST Online Media Library is a versatile platform that allows ingesting, editing, logging, storing, searching, and delivering digital content to multiple users in real time. It enables fast search and retrieval of relevant video content from anywhere in the world. Located in the state of Bavaria, fileCAST specialises in software and hardware development offering easy to use interfaces allowing logging and tagging functions in live environments

Press contact: fileCAST Media GmbH
Thomas STROBL, telephone +49 172 973 48 50
e-mail thomas.strobl@fileCAST.de, website: fileCAST.de