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Centralised KVM & AV Management System



Boxilla® is a centralised KVM / AV manager that connects and manages several signal extension solutions enabling centralised secure remote access to an unlimited number of endpoints - computers and virtual machines - from one single intuitive access point. Boxilla works in conjunction with the Emerald® and the DKM KVM Matrix Switching solutions to give you full monitoring and control of not just devices, but your entire KVM and AV/IT system, all across the enterprise.

Black Box offers flexible endpoint licensing options that enable you to manage anywhere from 25 to thousands of endpoints, users or connections through Boxilla, helping you build an efficient KVM and AV/IT management system.

  • Send commands to network switches
  • Control user access
  • Monitor device status
  • Proactively diagnose and address potential performance problems before they occur
  • Streamline upgrades for thousands of remote endpoint devices with one click
  • Target Pooling – Automatically assign users to next available system

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Network Command Centre


Boxilla®'s intuitive command center dashboard provides you the network monitoring tool you need to manage your KVM configuration. It allows to configure device and user info (such as names, passwords, and access rights) and also set bandwidth usage limitations so you can see how your system is performing in real time at any given moment.


  • Bandwidth usage (system performance in real time at any given moment)
  • Frame rate (frame per second,network latency, and dropped frames)
  • Activity of devices/users (user response times, user changes, and more)
  • Power usage
  • Advanced mode controls (private, shared, pre-emption, and auto log-in)

Product Features and Benefits


One pane of glass dashboard

Centralised KVM / AV system management for configuration, monitoring and administration of large-scale deployments.


Connect with unlimited end-points

Supports an unlimited number of users and devices, including virtual desktops and physical PC/servers, plus integration with virtualisation systems management capabilities.



Enterprise KVM management with enhanced authentication, access control, and accounting for secure communications; security interface dashboard provides real-time alerts and alarms if someone attempts to circumvent security profiles.


KVM performance monitoring

Centralised KVM command center with a single dashboard gives you an instant snapshot of key performance parameters such as bandwidth usage, frame rate, activity of devices/users, power usage and advanced mode controls

Explore New Worlds in Performance Monitoring

Dashboard: Active Connections

Boxilla Dashboard view of Active Connections

Dashboard: Active Logins

Boxilla Dashboard view of Active Logins

Using Boxilla® is stunningly simple. It automatically discovers the devices on your network and provides secure access and management of your in-band and out-of-band IT infrastructure from a single interface centralised access.

Multi-System Integration: DKM and Emerald®

Multi-system integration

DKM is a high-performance proprietary direct-connect KVM switching system

Boxilla® and Emerald® can also be used to enhance your DKM system by extending it beyond private networks. When all three platforms work together, you can instantly reach any server on your network, enabling you to be more productive in your operations.

Boxilla Deployment for a Scalable Network

Integrated with IP-based KVM systems like Emerald® Unified KVM, Boxilla® provides point-to-point secure extensions over IP networks. And because it's a software-based solution, it is a future-proof solution. Following solutions can be integrated into Boxilla KVM Management:


Boxilla Support Available Now!

Emerald® Unified KVM-over-IP is a converged system that delivers pixel-perfect HD or 4K video, USB 2.0 and Audio over an IP network.


Boxilla Support Available Now!

Get direct connect, scalable and instantaneous matrix switching and extension for enterprise KVM with up to 288 configurable ports.


Boxilla Support Available Now!

Connect and control everything in your conference room—AV equipment, room automation, and more—at the touch of a button or touch pad.

Industry Applications



Public Safety

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