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Does the technology in your classrooms empower your students and faculty? If it does not, you are not giving your students the best possible education.

Black Box® has industry-leading digital learning solutions that enhance classroom productivity and improve education. Choose from video sharing technologies, digital signage systems, room booking solutions, and much more.

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Our solutions are ideal for:

  • Digital Teaching and Edtech
    Easy-to-use video switchers, scalers, and extenders that allow teachers to start lectures in seconds.
  • Digital Signage
    Display relevant and helpful information to students, teachers, and visitors.
  • Higher Education
    Reserve lecture halls from your computer or mobile device.

Black Box provides AV & Infrastructure solutions that facilitate:

Digital Teaching / Collaborative Active Learning

Solutions for collaboration, room booking and room control can improve learning retention, and increase student performance by providing both teachers and students with the tools to embrace collaboration, engagement, idea sharing and group learning in the classroom.


Room Booking & Basic Room Control

Easily book lecture halls and training rooms according to their availability and have full visibility on room status, with the IN-SESSION room booking system.

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Presentation Switchers/Scalers & Video Switches/Extenders

Video Switching & Distribution

Presentation switchers/scalers enable teachers to easily connect, switch, scale and extend any video device to any display or screen. This allows them to focus on the lecture material and not on setting up the technology.


Digital Signage

Easily build eye-catching signage, stream content from the school website, and visualise timetables, events and useful wayfinding or emergency messages. This way, schools and universities will be able to inform, alert and notify their students, teachers and staff in the building or on the campus in a way that is memorable and unique.


Digital Signage Platform

iCompel is a simple-to-integrate, appliance-based solution that sets up fast with all software pre-installed on the hardware. Aside from having the flexibility to create attention-getting digital signage without a lot of creative or technical know-how, it is scalable from one to thousands of digital signage displays.

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Video Distribution & Extension

Display up to 4K UHD video over IP to a virtually unlimited number of screens across the campus, with MediaCento.

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A Beginner's Guide to Digital Signage

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