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Black Box JIDO E-Lock Provides Secure, End-to-End Monitoring and Visibility for Cargo and Containers

MUMBAI, India April 15, 2021 — Black Box, an industry-leading provider of IT connectivity solutions, today announced the release of the JIDO E-Lock GPS freight-tracking device, which provides comprehensive, real-time tracking, visibility, control and security for long-distance shipment of cargo and containers. In addition to supplying continuous GPS location data, the rugged, weatherproof and tamperproof device features built-in sensors and robust, real-time alerting; three months of location data storage capacity; and 4G dual-SIM support that ensures permanent connectivity — anytime, anywhere — using multiple network providers.

JIDO E-Lock provides secure, end-to-end monitoring and visibility for cargo and containers.

JIDO E-Lock enhances the manual locking features of the original Black Box JIDO IoT-enabled tracking and security solution, now allowing the device to be locked and unlocked remotely via SMS, mobile app or Bluetooth. The device attaches and detaches easily from any vehicle or container in just minutes. Once switched on, it provides continuous tracking (accuracy of 2.5 m CEP) and monitoring and can only be switched off by a designated authority using the web interface or mobile app.

JIDO E-Lock gives only the authorized personnel within import, export, forwarding and shipping companies 24/7 access to the status of containers, trailers, freight wagons or other shipments while all data is securely stored in the cloud. A map-based visualization system, accessible via a web browser and mobile app, illustrates tracking data, and the JIDO system software also supports creation of geo-fences, routes, trips, stops and zones.

Real-time, event-based alerts enable rapid response to tampering, system failures, unauthorized use and other critical issues that can jeopardize valuable assets. JIDO E-Lock can also obtain sensor-based cargo information, including temperature, humidity, door lock status and other useful telematics data, to provide a full picture of cargo or container status. This data is aggregated in intelligent management information system (MIS) reports.

An internal battery supplies power to the JIDO E-Lock for up to 30 days, but users can also connect the device to a vehicle battery or use an optional solar charging system. The freight-tracking device is suitable for any environment with an operating temperature range from -10 °C to +60 °C.

“JIDO E-Lock brings the logistics and transportation industry an advanced yet easy-to-use, remotely controlled solution for improving the visibility, control and protection of valuable assets in storage and transit, whether by sea or by land,” said Amit Chatterjee, head of IoT at Black Box. “With its robust functionality and simple controls, the device gives users peace of mind by alerting to deviations from schedules and showing where assets are at all times, even in remote locations.”

The JIDO E-Lock and original JIDO are available now. Further information about Black Box and the company’s full product portfolio is available at www.black-box.co.in.

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