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Get Control over Your Logistics – How IoT Can Ensure Sensor-Enabled End-to-End Visibility in SCM

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Logistics 4.0 or SCM 4.0 is the cornerstone for establishing Industry 4.0, which requires end-to-end visibility into global and complex logistics networks. Smart containers, vehicles, fully networked systems, seamless visualization, and fail-safe continuity take away the inefficiencies and disruptions that have so far been part of the daily life of SCM managers.

Real-time visualization and sensor data enable companies to have 24/7 access, visibility, security, and control over the cargo and assets in transit, identify actual transit times, and expose previously unknown bottlenecks in their logistics network. This data pool becomes a strategic asset that enables global shippers to manage their logistics network using real-time data-driven decision making and develop and implement continuous improvement initiatives.

This 30-minute webinar will help you understand how to implement real-time IoT and sensor-based logistics solutions that help you gain end-to-end visibility of moving shipments and ensure safety during transport, while optimizing your logistics network.


  • Current challenges of logistics networks
  • When to consider cargo monitoring beyond tracking
  • How to overcome logistics inefficiencies with end-to-end container tracking and sensor-enabled cargo monitoring
  • Consolidating data on one easy-to-use tracking platform: Demonstration
  • Integration with 3PL software using Protocols and APIs

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