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High-performance lockable patch cables

Premium performance combined with optional lockability

Secure network ports — only when you need to.

These one-of-a-kind cables give you the ability to lock down critical network ports when you need to, without buying new patch cords.

Use these high-performance cables for your everyday network connections. Then, when you need to secure network ports, just slip an optional locking pin into the tab on the patented, slimline LockPORT™ boot. To unplug the cable, release with the removal key (sold separately).

  • Secure network ports from unauthorised access and accidental disconnects.
  • Insert the optional locking pin into the patented boot to lock down ports.
  • Cables stay locked in place — until you take them out.
  • Use for all your network connections.
  • Low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) jacket.

3-Series boot example

The hard-polymer boot and plug are integrated for better
strength and strain-relief and to prevent tampering.

3-Series boot example

To secure network ports, slip the locking pin into the built-in
locking tab on the patented boot. Once inserted, it can only be released with the removal key.

3-Series locked cable example 1

A locked cable with locking
pin inserted in the boot.

3-Series locked cable example 2

To unlock, insert the key into the
locking pin until it clicks.

3-Series locked cable exmaple 3

Pull the locking pin back and
lift the key to release.

Turn ports into a Layer 1 security key
GigaTrue 3 cables are one of the simplest and most effective, yet inexpensive ways you can increase your Layer 1 security. Protect mission-critical and publicly accessible ports from unauthorised access.

They're also ideal for preventing accidental disconnects in industrial, manufacturing, and PoE applications.

Premium performance
You won't sacrifice performance for security. These
component-level cables are tested to 550 MHz.

Two levels of security
These cables can be fitted with two types of locking pins. The green Secure Locking Pin can be released by squeezing the butterfly clip. This makes this pin ideal for preventing accidental disconnects.

The red Key Locking Pin offers a higher security level. It can only be unlocked using the Removal Key.

Rugged, patented, slimline boot
No one is going to break this boot or pull out your cable! The extremely rugged, hardpolymer plug and boot are integrated to protect the cable and to prevent tampering.

For more information on 3-series lockable patch cables, check out the resources below or contact our free Tech Support.




GigaTrue 3 Lockable Cables

Secure your network ports from unauthorised access and accidental disconnects.