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DESKVUE Streamlines Workspaces and Improves Reaction Time in Manufacturing Process Control


In one manufacturing company, processes are usually controlled in KVM workspaces with screens for four separate process control systems. The operators learned over time to work with four monitors, but it often caused problems – it was difficult and distracting to know where to look for crucial, time-sensitive information. When monitoring active manufacturing processes, instant reaction time is critical to avoid equipment malfunctions.


The Emerald® KVM over IP product solution is a tried-and-true option that enables users to access remote computers and systems through Emerald SE, PE, and 4K transmitters and receivers from anywhere on the globe. The latest edition to the Emerald family is the DESKVUE receiver. It allows users to create a personalized workspace in which they can simultaneously monitor and interact with up to 16 systems — physical, virtual, and cloud-based.

Black Box already has one active install with this manufacturing company using a new setup through DESKVUE, which works much better for the manufacturing operators. With DESKVUE, operators can access several machines (PCS/ICS) and create their individual and simplified workspace with focused monitoring. They replaced four monitors on the desktop with three: one large center monitor with their focus work, one smaller monitor to the right, and one to the left. The operators can simply move systems currently in focus to the center monitor, while arranging systems windows with lower monitoring priority on the two secondary monitors. Viewing multiple systems on each screen based on situational requirements ensures that operators can see the most critical data right in front of them. This improves workflow tremendously and gives them the tools they need to react fast in an emergency situation.


Now the operators can focus on the work in their center view, with lower-priority monitors only at the side. If their focus changes, they simply change the layout using their mouse, moving the new focus to the center screen. In this way, high-priority processes will always be in the operator’s direct line of vision, with no distractions, distortions, or clumsy source switching. The operators can control and react to manufacturing problems without delay, keeping processes running and employees working near machines safe. The manufacturing company benefits from reduced downtime caused by equipment malfunctions, improved worker productivity, and immediate resolution of problems. Along with fast reaction time, operators experience less stress, enjoy a more organized workspace, and minimize errors when facing manufacturing process issues.